The 5-Minute Analyst

Are you looking for a mini-tutorial on some focused aspect of requirements engineering? You can now view 35 quick-hitting eLearning presentations on demand, drawn from Process Impact's popular eLearning courses In Search of Excellent Requirements, Exploring User Requirements with Use Cases, and Writing High-Quality Requirements. The list below shows the available mini-tutorials and their duration in minutes. You can purchase sets individually, the entire set for individual use, or an unlimited-use, company-wide site license. You may view the purchased mini-tutorials as many times as you like.

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Requirements Overview ($25) Add to Cart

What is a "Requirement"? (5:34)
Three Levels of Software Requirements (7:14)
The Business Value of Better Requirements (6:52)
Components of Requirements Engineering (3:47)
The Requirements Development Process (7:00)
The Requirements Analyst Role (6:39)

Requirements Elicitation ($25) Add to Cart

The Vision Statement (2:20)
Depicting Project Scope and the Context Diagram (7:57)
User Classes (7:50)
Product Champions (6:03)
What is a Use Case? (6:41)
Use Cases, Scenarios, and Stories (4:41)
Use Cases and Functional Requirements (4:38)
Nonfunctional Requirements (4:14)

Requirements Analysis and Validation ($25) Add to Cart

Requirements versus Design (2:06)
Prioritizing Requirements (6:28)
Alternative Requirements Views (5:39)
Quality Attributes (6:21)
Prototyping (6:56)
The Dialog Map (7:34)
Decision Tables and Decision Trees (4:22)
Reviewing Requirements (7:17)

Requirements Specification ($25) Add to Cart

The Software Requirements Specification (11:14)
Characteristics of Excellent Requirements (4:57)
Tips for Writing Clear Requirements - 1 (3:47)
Tips for Writing Clear Requirements - 2 (4:46)
Words to Avoid in Requirements (4:15)
The Data Dictionary (8:10)
How Detailed Should Requirements Be? (7:36)

Requirements Management ($25) Add to Cart

Requirements Management Good Practices (4:19)
Requirements Management Tools (4:45)
Change Control (6:57)
Version Control (7:02)
Requirements Traceability (7:31)
Release Planning with Feature Levels (5:15)

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