The 5-Minute Manager

The 5-Minute Manager eLearning Series is no longer available for sale. If you previously purchased it, you may still view the modules below using the login information you received at the time of purchase.

Introduction to Project Management

Project Management Defined (6:54)
Project Management Best Practices (6:48)
Goals of Project Planning (2:22)
The 5-Minute Manager eLearning Series (3:42)

Laying a Foundation for Success

Success Criteria and Business Objectives (6:21)
Project Stakeholders (7:19)
Five Project Dimensions (7:12)
Documenting Project Priorities (6:34)
Product Release Criteria (7:41)
The Project Charter (9:13)

Risk Management

Introduction to Software Risk Management (5:50)
Examples of Software Risks (6:10)
A Risk Management Process (3:47)
Documenting Risks (7:16)
A Risk Management Plan Template (4:07)
Risk Management Guidelines (4:50)

Dealing with Reality

Negotiating Achievable Commitments (4:21)
Principled Negotiation (6:47)
Contingency Buffers - 1 (5:11)
Contingency Buffers - 2 (8:35)
Wideband Delphi Estimation - 1 (3:30)
Wideband Delphi Estimation - 2 (6:31)

Measuring What Happens

Dimensions of Software Measurements (8:40)
Basic Metrics Principles (7:06)
The Goal-Question-Metric Approach (6:47)
A Goal-Question-Metric Example (2:05)
Metrics Traps to Avoid (9:20)

Learning for the Future

Project Retrospectives (8:03)
The Retrospective Process (5:53)
Retrospective Deliverables (3:03)
Accumulating Lessons Learned (4:31)
Template for Recording Lessons Learned (2:49)

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