The 5-Minute Manager

Are you looking for a mini-tutorial on some focused aspect of project management? You can now view 32 quick-hitting eLearning presentations on demand, adapted from Process Impact's popular eLearning course Project Management Best Practices. The list below shows the available mini-tutorials and their duration in minutes. The first set, "Introduction to Project Management," is free -- just click on the ones you want to view. You can purchase the other sets individually, the entire set for individual use, or an unlimited-use, company-wide site license. You can view the purchased mini-tutorials as many times as you like.

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Introduction to Project Management (free)

Project Management Defined (6:54)
Project Management Best Practices (6:48)
Goals of Project Planning (2:22)
The 5-Minute Manager eLearning Series (3:42)

Laying a Foundation for Success ($25) Add to Cart

Success Criteria and Business Objectives (6:21)
Project Stakeholders (7:19)
Five Project Dimensions (7:12)
Documenting Project Priorities (6:34)
Product Release Criteria (7:41)
The Project Charter (9:13)

Risk Management ($25) Add to Cart

Introduction to Software Risk Management (5:50)
Examples of Software Risks (6:10)
A Risk Management Process (3:47)
Documenting Risks (7:16)
A Risk Management Plan Template (4:07)
Risk Management Guidelines (4:50)

Dealing with Reality ($25) Add to Cart

Negotiating Achievable Commitments (4:21)
Principled Negotiation (6:47)
Contingency Buffers - 1 (5:11)
Contingency Buffers - 2 (8:35)
Wideband Delphi Estimation - 1 (3:30)
Wideband Delphi Estimation - 2 (6:31)

Measuring What Happens ($25) Add to Cart

Dimensions of Software Measurements (8:40)
Basic Metrics Principles (7:06)
The Goal-Question-Metric Approach (6:47)
A Goal-Question-Metric Example (2:05)
Metrics Traps to Avoid (9:20)

Learning for the Future ($25) Add to Cart

Project Retrospectives (8:03)
The Retrospective Process (5:53)
Retrospective Deliverables (3:03)
Accumulating Lessons Learned (4:31)
Template for Recording Lessons Learned (2:49)

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