Table of Contents for
Writing Your Way to Success
by Karl Wiegers

Chapter 1. Writing Your Way to Success

Choosing a Role Model
Developing a Style

Chapter 2: Four Eyes Are Better Than Two

Take a Look Yourself
Enlisting Other Eyes
Copy Editing
Development Editing
S Proofreading
When It's Your Responsibility

Chapter 3. Writing for Magazines and Websites

Knowing Your Audience
Fitting In
Delighting the Editor
Dangling the Bait
Setting the Hook
You Have Arrived!

Chapter 4. You Say You Want to Write a Book?

Why Write a Book?
How Do You Learn?
Some Book-Writing Recommendations

Chapter 5. Getting Your Book into Print

Targeting a Niche
The Elevator Pitch
Choosing a Publisher
The Proposal
The Contract
Staying on Track

Chapter 6. Self-Publication

Self-Publishing: Cheap
Self-Publishing: Less Cheap

Chapter 7. On Co-Authoring a Book

Requirements for Requirements
Across the Miles
Planning the Collaboration
Tracking Status
The Result