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Goodies for Peer Reviews

These documents and links are presented to assist your practice of software peer reviews. You are free to use these items and to modify them to best suit your needs. You may NOT sell them, adapt or incorporate them into any commercial product or service without permission from Process Impact, or post them on any web site accessible outside your company.

Payments received for these items are donated to the Norm Kerth Benefit Fund to help a software consultant who has been disabled since 1999 with a traumatic brain injury. You may also make additional donations to this fund. Thank you for your support.

Process Assets for Software Peer Reviews and Inspections

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Set 1, Process Description: $5.00:    Add to Cart
Peer Review Process Description (preview)
Set 2, Defect Checklists for Reviews: $5.00:    Add to Cart
Requirements Specifications
Detailed Designs
Source Code (Generic)
Test Plans
Project Plans
Set 3, Review Forms: $5.00:    Add to Cart
Inspection Summary Report
Inspection Issue Log
Peer Review Typo List
Inspection Moderator's Checklist
Inspection Lessons Learned Questionnaire
Set 4, Inspection Data Spreadsheets: $5.00:    Add to Cart
Spreadsheet for code inspection data
Sample code inspection data spreadsheet
Spreadsheet for document inspection data
Sample document inspection data spreadsheet

Tools to Assist with Software Peer Reviews

  • Codestriker is an open-source web-based application that supports online code reviewing. It's available under the GNU public license. Codestriker integrates with several version-control and defect-tracking tools.

  • Code Collaborator from SmartBear Software is a Windows-based commercial tool that facilitates code review by remote reviewers. It builds an audit trail of review activities and integrates with several commercial version-control products.

  • Parasoft offers several commercial tools that scan C or C++ code to detect violations of some 170 established coding standards in those languages.

  • DevPartner from Micro Focus analyzes source code in languages including C#, Visual Basic .NET and ASP .NET for potential problems, rule nonconformances, and violations of coding standards that could lead to problems.

  • Several commercial versions of the Lint static code analyzer are available, primarily for programs written in C and C++, but also Fortran and Java. Examples are Lint-PLUS for C and FortranLint from Cleanscape Software International and Flexelint from Gimpel Software.

  • Splint is a tool to statically check C programs for security vulnerabilities and coding mistakes.

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