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New Book: Successful Business Analysis Consulting

In Successful Business Analysis Consulting: Strategies and Tips for Going It Alone Karl Wiegers offers a wealth of pragmatic pointers from his 20+ years of experience as a successful consultant, speaker, trainer, and author. It's the book he wishes he had available before he became an independent consultant. If you have questions about setting prices, negotiating agreements, dealing with difficult clients, partnering with other consultants, giving presentations, writing for publication, or generating revenue while you sleep, Successful Business Analysis Consulting has answers.

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Who is Process Impact?

Since 1997, Process Impact has collaborated with clients worldwide to have an impact on the processes their software teams use, and to help those processes have an impact on the business. Areas of expertise include requirements engineering, project management, and software quality. Karl Wiegers, Principal Consultant, has many years of experience with software development, management, and leading process and quality improvement activities.

Recent Articles

Requirements and Business Analysis

Modeling System Events: Action, Reaction, Protection
How Detailed Should Requirements Be?
Ten Cosmic Truths About Software Requirements
Defining Project Scope: What's In, What's Out
Revealing Invisible Requirements
The Fuzzy Line Between Requirements and Design
The Habits of Effective Business Analysts
Agile Requirements: What's the Big Deal?
Hearing the Voice of the Customer
Creating a Culture that Respects Requirements
Prospecting for Requirements
Using Decisions to Derive Requirements for Analytics Projects
Requirements Review Challenges
Making Requirements Reusable

  Project Management

Project Retrospectives: Looking Back to Look Ahead
Motivate Your Team with Recognition and Rewards
Good Money after Bad: Some Projects Should Die
Why Is Software Always Ninety Percent Done?
Six Estimation Safety Tips
Rethinking the Triple Constraint: Five Project Dimensions
  Other Topics

Leverage Your Intellectual Property for Fun and Profit
The Soft Side of Peer Reviews
Are You Being Blackmailed by Change Resisters?
Win-Win Negotiation for Consultants and Trainers
Twelve Tips For Becoming A Confident Presenter
Negotiating Achievable Commitments
The Core Question about Building Better Software
Learning from Experience

Products and Services

  • Training courses on various aspects of software development and management
  • eLearning versions of training courses, which provide flexible and inexpensive training options
  • Books and articles on many aspects of software development, management, and other topics
  • E-books with concise, practical guidance
  • A wide variety of templates, spreadsheet tools, checklists, procedures, and other process goodies
  • Consulting and coaching on software requirements, business analysis, process improvement, project management, and peer reviews

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Karl Wiegers, PhD
Principal Consultant
Process Impact
11491 SE 119th Drive
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Phone: 503-698-7879

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