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The Thoughtless Design of Everyday Things

Have you ever noticed how many products appear to be designed by someone who has never used a product of that kind before? The Thoughtless Design of Everyday Things by Karl Wiegers presents more than 160 examples of products that violate 9 fundamental design principles. These examples of thoughtless design reveal 70 specific lessons that can help designers craft the user experience. There are also nearly 50 examples of products with particularly good designs. The book describes numerous specific practices for enhancing product usability through usage-centered design strategies. This is an engaging and insightful read for designers, product development managers, and thoughtful and curious consumers.


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Since 1997, Process Impact has collaborated with clients worldwide to have an impact on the processes their software teams use, and to help those processes have an impact on the business. Areas of expertise include requirements engineering, project management, and software quality. Karl Wiegers, Principal Consultant, has many years of experience with software development, management, and leading process and quality improvement activities.

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