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It's hard enough to put better ways of working into practice without having to invent everything yourself. Here are some templates and work aids—"process assets"—to help you get started. You are free to use these items and to modify them to meet the needs of your own projects. You may NOT sell them, adapt or incorporate them into any commercial product or service without permission from Process Impact, or post them on any web site accessible outside your company.

Profits from these items are donated to the Norm Kerth Benefit Fund to help a software consultant who has been disabled since 1999 with a traumatic brain injury. You may also make additional donations to this fund. Thank you for your support.

Requirements Engineering | Project Management | Peer Reviews | Software Subcontract Management

Process Impact Goodies Collection

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Requirements Engineering

Set 1, $4.99    Add to Cart
Software Requirements Specification Template (preview)
Use Case Template (preview)
Vision and Scope Document Template (preview)
Set 2, $4.99    Add to Cart
Set of sample requirements documents for an information system
Sample requirements specification for PearlsFromSand.com
Set 3, $4.99    Add to Cart
Current Requirements Practice Self-Assessment questionnaire
Self-Assessment Analysis Spreadsheet
Set 4, $4.99    Add to Cart
Change Control Process (preview)
Template for Change Control Board Charter
Impact Analysis Checklist for Requirements Changes
Set 5, $4.99    Add to Cart
Business Analyst Job Description
Product Champion Responsibilities
Set 6, $4.99    Add to Cart
Requirements Prioritization Spreadsheet
Requirements Estimation Spreadsheet Tool
Glossary of Requirements Engineering Terms
Set 7, $4.99    Add to Cart
White Papers:
    "The Business Value of Better Requirements"
    "Getting the Most from a Requirements Management Tool"
    "Requirements for Business Analytics"
Set 8, $4.99    Add to Cart
Guidance and Template for Specifying Reports
Guidance and Template for Data Dictionaries
Interface Specification Template

Project Management

Set 1, $4.99    Add to Cart
Project Management Plan Template (preview)
Project Charter Template (preview)
Set 2, $4.99    Add to Cart
Retrospective Procedure (preview)
Retrospective Planning Worksheet
Retrospective Summary Report Template
Set 3, $4.99    Add to Cart
Risk Management Plan Template (preview)
Risk List Template
Set 4, $4.99    Add to Cart
Request for Proposal Template (preview)
Subcontract Management Plan Template (preview)
Set 5, $4.99    Add to Cart
Action Plan Template
Lessons Learned Template
Project Prioritization Spreadsheet
Wideband Delphi Worksheet

Peer Reviews and Inspections

Set 1, Process Description: $4.99    Add to Cart
Peer Review Process Description (preview)
Set 2, Defect Checklists for Reviews: $4.99    Add to Cart
Requirements Specifications
Detailed Designs
Source Code (Generic)
Test Plans
Project Plans
Set 3, Review Forms: $4.99    Add to Cart
Inspection Summary Report
Inspection Issue Log
Peer Review Typo List
Inspection Moderator's Checklist
Inspection Lessons Learned Questionnaire
Set 4, Inspection Data Spreadsheets: $4.99    Add to Cart
Spreadsheet for code inspection data
Sample code inspection data spreadsheet
Spreadsheet for document inspection data
Sample document inspection data spreadsheet

Software Subcontract Management

Process Impact has developed a comprehensive Software Subcontract Management Process with a detailed process description, templates,
spreadsheet tools, checklists, and guidance documents, priced at $59.99.

Table of Contents for Software Subcontract Management Process        A sample process step description       Add to Cart