Norm Kerth's Situation

Norm Kerth  

Norm Kerth is a highly respected software consultant and author. He has made significant pioneering contributions in the areas of pattern languages, software team development and technical leadership, reusable software, and methodologies. Known as the father of retrospectives, Norm is the author of the seminal book Project Retrospectives: A Handbook for Team Reviews. His leadership and mentoring have aided the careers of many software professionals.

In 1999 Norm suffered a disabling brain injury in an automobile accident caused by someone talking on a cell phone. (Please do not talk on a cell phone or text while driving.) Norm suffered both front and rear brain injuries; he has both physical limitations (balance and vision problems) and cognitive disabilities, which inhibit his analytical, communication, and numerical skills.

Since the accident, Norm improved significantly with the help of rehabilitation therapies and medication, but he has regressed in recent years and still has substantial limitations. He has very limited stamina. Norm functions fairly well for three to four hours at a time, twice a day, and must sleep the rest of the time. Intellectually intensive discussions take a particularly high toll on him, literally giving him headaches and exhausting him for up to a day or longer.

Norm has received virtually no income from his consulting business since 1999. He will never be able to return to work. Norm now lives on limited payments from Social Security. Some friends of Norm have helped by making donations to the Norm Kerth Benefit Fund. These donations make a real difference in Norm's quality of life and his ability to continue to receive the rehabilitation therapy and medication he needs.

Profits from the Process Impact "process goodies" go to the Norm Kerth Benefit Fund. If you would like to help Norm with a contribution, you can donate through PayPal.

Norm is profoundly grateful for the support of his friends and well-wishers.Thanks in advance for your generosity.