Table of Contents for Process Impact's Software Subcontract Management Process

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The Software Subcontract Management Process is a comprehensive set of tools to help you plan and manage outsourced development projects, including a detailed process description, templates, checklists, spreadsheet tools, and more. The total length of the process document itself is 51 pages, plus separate templates and other supporting materials.

Process Configuration Components
General Outsourcing Tips
Selecting Projects for Outsourcing
Process Entry Criteria
Roles Involved in the Process
Software Subcontract Management Process Flow
Summary of Process Work Products
1. Define Product Requirements
2. Prepare Statement of Work
3. Define Proposal Evaluation Criteria
4. Prepare Request for Proposal
5. Submit Request for Proposal to Suppliers
6. Select Supplier
7. Develop Subcontract Management Plan
8. Execute Contract
9. Manage Subcontracted Project
10. Accept Product
11. Support and Maintain Product
12. Close Out Project
Process Exit Criteria
Process Tailoring
Revision History

Appendix A. Mapping to CMM-SW, IEEE Std-1062, and CMMI-SE/SW
Appendix B. Partial Outsourcing Analysis Worksheet
Appendix C. Guidance for Preparing Requirements Specifications
Appendix D. Inspection Checklist for Software Requirements Specifications
Appendix E. Common Risks for Outsourced Software Projects
Appendix F. Sample Proposal Evaluation Matrix
Appendix G. Proposal Evaluation Report Template
Appendix H. Guidance for Selecting Suppliers
Appendix I. Guidance for Writing Supplier Contracts
Appendix J. Guidance for Managing Outsourced Projects
Appendix K. Checklist for Managing Outsourced Projects
Appendix L. Product Acceptance Report Template
Appendix M. Sample Change Control Board Charter

Additional items:

Vision and Scope Template
Request for Proposal Template
Software Requirements Specification Template
Subcontract Management Plan Template
Process Improvement Action Plan Template
Outsourcing Analysis Worksheet